When you were a child, you probably enjoyed reading comic books. It is because you are amazed by how the characters live up to the story. Also, the characters are entertaining enough to feed your imagination. For comic book collectors, they are very much aware of how a comic book is created. They know all the roles of the people behind the production of a comic book.

One of the most important roles in creating a comic book is the comic book inker. You may have heard of it before, but you do not really understand their role behind the creation of a comic book. Comic book inkers play a big role that we, comic readers may not be aware of. Aside from the inkers, there are the pencillers which do the first parts of the canvass. They draw the images that the inkers will trace afterward.

What is a comic book inker?

A comic book inker adds the details needed to complete the whole drawing. They do this by simply using an India ink. Inkers add more weight and depth to a canvass.

You will notice that in every comic book, the images are all dark and with shadows. This is the main role of an inker. They darken the images and add shadows to create a three-dimensional look. This is what makes the image more life-like. Comic book inkers are the ones who render the images to prepare for the final output.

Without comic book inkers, the images per panel will not look as interesting as it should be. It is because they will only appear like a draft. These inkers are the finishers of every frame. Also, comic book inkers create the background so that the panel will not look plain. Try comparing a frame without applying ink and you will realize how these inkers are very vital to finish a comic book.