If you are an explainer video fanatic, you’ve probably watched whiteboard explainer videos and agreed that they are compelling. These explainer videos are compelling because they have to catch the attention of viewers in the shortest time and connect with them emotionally. Whiteboard explainer videos combine several elements, such as fun, engagement, appeal, and education, in one, to compel viewers to take action. But to get top-notch whiteboard explainer videos, a video production company must be involved. Therefore, in this segment, we’re going to highlight 5 tips any video production company must know when making whiteboard explainer videos:

The video production company should make use of animated characters when creating whiteboard explainer videos

Big companies are now using animated characters in their explainer videos because they are both interesting and entertaining. However, the individual or company responsible for creating the animated characters must be experienced and creative enough to ensure the characters resonate with the viewers. If the audience is not connected to the characters on screen, the whiteboard explainer video may not be impactful.

Maintain your whiteboard explainer videos traditionally

While innovative animated designs have come up, experts recommended that you stick to classic animation characters. Classic animation means keeping the characters black and white. Although you can add some attractive colors, and make a few changes, you should do them in moderation. However, some brands have excelled with colored animated characters, but classic characters offer the greatest possibilities for success with whiteboard explainer videos.

Make ‘’drawing hand’’ part of your whiteboard explainer videos

A whiteboard animated explainer video is characterized by a drawing hand. This is what separates them from other kinds of explainer videos. Without a drawing hand, your whiteboard explainer videos will not be effective, and they will lose their educational aspect.

The drawing on whiteboard explainer videos must be connected

To attain a coherent and flowing animation story, the drawing in an explainer video must be connected. The connection of the drawing is what makes whiteboard explainer videos interesting and entertaining to watch.

Make sure to utilize emotional references when making whiteboard explainer videos

To make impactful whiteboard explainer videos, use emotional references. You can remind the viewers of the good old childhood days. People tend to get emotional when reminded of things that used to delight them during childhood.


Video production companies must know these secrets to produce whiteboard explainer videos that resonate with the modern-day consumer. Besides these secrets, they must know that the success of whiteboard animated explainer videos greatly depends on the script.