Many people have no idea that animated explainer videos can bring good things to their businesses. An animated video can explain to your audience, interestingly and entertainingly, what your product or service entails. No wonder it is billed as one of the most potent resources that you can leverage in your marketing campaigns. But sadly, few people know the power of animated explainer videos. If you’re one of them, read on to know:

It’s cheaper to produce animated explainer videos, and they get the most views and shares

Today, the majority of shoppers will choose to watch a video instead of a detailed sales copy. In fact, research shows that 80% of visitors will view videos to the end than reading text when they land on your site. It’s not uncommon that when customers like what they watch, they will easily share it. So if you can produce top quality animated explainer videos, people will watch and share it.

Animated explainer videos have a high recall value

Case in point; when you were a kid, cartoon used to be your favorite station on TV, right? You could easily connect with the characters and narrate the story to your friends, over and over, and the story could linger in your mind. That’s the same impact animated explainer videos have today. Viewers can remember product messages delivered through animated explainer videos, as opposed to live action explainer videos. So if you’re looking to create explainer videos for your business, you better choose an animated explainer video.

Google loves animated explainer videos

Google has high-affinity for videos, especially in this day and age where people are increasingly slanting towards visuals. If you use the right tags, attach a comprehensive description and craft a magnetic title, ranking high on Google won’t be an issue. A high Google ranking means more engagement and more people taking action.

Animated explainer videos can supercharge your email marketing campaigns

Email marketing has proven, over time, to channel a ton of traffic to your website. However, attaching animated explainer videos to your marketing emails will further reinforce your email marketing campaigns and increase conversions threefold.


Many marketers increasingly include animated explainer videos into their marketing campaigns because of many reasons. They are visual, which is what most customers prefer today; they have high recall value, which means they will stick in the customers’ minds and they are cost-effective to produce, which means they save business owners a lot of money.