When looking to make an explainer video to showcase your product, you have multiple choices; whiteboard, animated, motion graphics, cartoon style or live action. Every type of explainer video has its advantages and disadvantages. But today, we’re here to talk about the 4 instances to choose whiteboard explainer videos. Let’s drive in:

Consider using whiteboard explainer videos if the product you offer is complicated

I bet the memories of the good old days you used whiteboards in school to learn still linger. Well, the same concept occurs in the marketing landscape with whiteboard explainer videos. Whiteboard explainer videos have been proven to break down complex product messages into simple to understand information. So, if you have a complicated product, you can leverage the power of whiteboard explainer video to simplify it for your target audience.

You need whiteboard explainer videos if your product needs more time to be explained

While explainer videos are not supposed to exceed 90 seconds, whiteboard explainer videos don’t have that limitation. They have the provision to extend that limit. Whiteboard explainer videos tend to inform viewers that it’s about to start and that it will take a little bit longer.

If you need to add animated characters to your explainer videos

Animated characters have shown to add a sense of human touch and humor to explainer videos. Whiteboard animated explainer videos not only showcase funny and cute characters but also develop a strong connection with viewers. This is because animators can create characters that resemble the attitudes, behaviors, and looks of your audience. And this enables your audience to develop trust in your brand.

You will require whiteboard explainer videos if you run a B2B or B2C company

Whiteboard animated explainer videos come with a lot of flexibility. You can combine just about any element you want, including witty visuals, and cute characters. You can implement these elements even if you run a B2B or B2C company. Since B2B and B2C companies tend to have complicated products and services, a whiteboard animated explainer video can break them down in a persuasive way for customers to understand them. Also, the fact that whiteboard animated explainer videos are good at storytelling; you can use them to tell your brand story interestingly.


When choosing a video production company, make sure they know about these instances, so that they can advise you on whether to stick to whiteboard explainer videos or try an entirely different concept.